A glucose meter for mobile phones

Glu-Sage – currently available for Android smartphones and soon coming for iPhones – is a glucose meter that plugs into the phone’s headphone jack. Simply download the Medworks application, and transform your phone into a glucose meter.

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How it Works

how it works one
Insert the glucose meter into audio jack
how it works two
Insert strip into glucose meter
how it works three
Apply blood sample onto strip
how it works four
View your result in a matter of seconds on your phone
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Treatment Compliance

Automated data recording and storage improves treatment compliance

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Cloud Connected

Medical grade devices that are enabled to seamlessly transmit and store data on the cloud

Data Visualization

Quick & easy visualization of device data to allow the patients & doctors to monitor trends and make informed decisions


Other Products

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Insulauto Insulin Pump

Turn to insulin pump therapy to keep your diabetes in check. Insulato is a small, wearable device that is programed for seamless delivery of insulin to a patient. Insulato may be programed to deliver basal (or background) Insulin, as well as bolus insuling to cover the consumption of meals and snacks.

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Lifestyle Freedom

Get more lifestyle flexibility with regards to sleep, meals and excercise.

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Avoid Syringe Sores

Replace your infusion kit once only every three days, instead of multiple daily injections.


Simply push a few buttons to give yourself a bolus. No more awkward moments when trying to give yourself a bolus.