"Our mission is to empower and support people to live healthier lives by providing the tools and information for better personal choices and decisions."


Strong relationships with major healthcare institutions across Pakistan.
Robust Commitment to the advancement of research and medical education.
Built on the back of a forty year-old legacy in Pakistan's healthcare sector.

About Us

Medworks is a new venture launched by people active in Pakistan's health care industry for over forty years. Today, our companies in the areas of device marketing and distribution, as well as pharmaceutical, are amongst the leading one in Pakistan's healthcare sector. Our collective experience and expertise in the healthcare industry are important strategic assets giving us the conviction that we can offer meaningful & reliable solutions to patients and healthcare providers at prices respectful of our country's economic constraints


Customer Focus

We hold the needs of our customer paramount. Our aim is to equip our customers with the tools that return control of information back to the patients and healthcare providers

Curiosity and Innovation

Our Curiosity keeps us on top of cutting-edge innovations and technologies that streamline the collection of healthcare data, and the management of illnesses, through connected medical devices.

Social Consciousness

Our commitment is to improve the working overall health system with solutions that respect our country's economic constraints.


We foster an environment based on respect, trust, honesty, and self-accountability in the workplace. These traits also govern our interactions with our external stakeholders, including customers and suppliers

Having Fun

There are no shortcuts in life, and there is no substiute for hard work. But who says you cannot work hard and have fun at the same time?

Expert Advisory Board

Dr. Abdul Basit

Professor Abdul Basit is director of Baqai Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology, and a professor of medicine. He is a member of International Diabetes Federation’s regional council (MENA region), and also the editor of Journal of Diabetology. He also represents the International Working Group of Diabetic Foot in Pakistan.


Mr. Shamim Ahmed

Mr. Shamim Ahmed is CEO of SAMI Pharmaceuticals, Pakistan’s 3rd largest pharmaceutical manufacturing concern. He has a long and illustrious career in Pakistan’s healthcare industry spanning over 55 years. He currently also sits on the board of Ghani Glass and Quick Food Industries Pvt.(Ltd.)


Miss. Erum Ghafoor

Erum Ghafoor is a Canadian-certified Diabetes Educator, IDF-Expert Trainer for Conversation map tools in Pakistan and faculty member of IDF (young leaders in diabetes). She has been working as a diabetes educator at Baqai Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology (BIDE) for the last 9 years, and now holds the position of a consultant diabetes educator. Erum is trained in insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring, and is able to impart effective training to our patients.

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