Frequently Asked Questions

+ How accurate is Glu-Sage?

It is CE-marked, and compliant with ISO 15197:2013 requirements. This means that 95% of the readings are within +/- 15% of lab result.

+ Which smartphones is Glu-Sage compatible with?

Glu-Sage is compatible with iOS and most Android 5.0 and above smartphones.

+ My phone is not detecting Glu-Sage. What do I do?

Please see the Quick Troubleshooting section in the Medworks application. You may access it through Menu >> Guides >> Quick Troubleshooting

+ Where can I buy Glu-Sage?

You can buy Glu-Sage at all the pharmacies listed in the ‘Store Locations’ tab of this website, or you may also purchase it directly from our website and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

+ My Glu-Sage device is not working. Is there a warranty?

Yes, we have a return policy if Glu-Sage does not work. You can get in touch with Medworks to return your device if it does not work. We offer a 1-year warranty.

+ There is a result variation between my current meter and Glu-Sage. Why is this?

Some degree of variation is normal, as a glucose meter may not reflect the true condition of your body’s glucose level. Therefore, variation within an acceptable limit is considered fine. Glu-Sage is CE-marked – meaning it is approved by European regulatory bodies – as well as ISO 15197-compliant. This means 95% of the results are proven to be within 15% of true lab results.

+ I am having trouble setting up my device. What should I do?

Our customer support representatives are available to sort out your issue.

+ Why does the Medworks application require my phone’s microphone permission?

Glu-Sage communicates with your smartphone using the headphone jack. Therefore, this permission is required to transfer your result from the device to your phone screen.

+ Why does the Medworks application require my phone’s volume to be turned up. Should I click ‘OK’?

Yes, this allows the sugar reading to be transferred from the device to your phone.

+ How do I edit my Medworks profile?

You can do this through the application. Go to Menu>>Profile. Tap ‘Save’ to update your profile.

+ How do I set my glucose targets?

Glucose targets are set by default. However, these may be updated for your inividual circumstance. This may be done thorugh Menu>>Set Glucose Target. You can adjust targets by meal type i.e. Pre-Meal, Post-Meal, Dawn, Fasting etc.

+ I have lost my phone. What do I do now?

You can update your password or log in from a different phone to terminate your original session. You can always log in through another phone to retrieve your data.

+ How do I share my reports?

You can share your reports by tapping the share button on the top-right of the screen.

+ Can I test my glucose while my phone is on charge?

We do not recommend that you test your glucose when the phone is charging. This can affect result accuracy.

+ What happens if my phone rings in the middle of a test?

This will not have any effect on your test result. However, it is recommended to finish the test before attending to your call.

+ Why can’t I use an iodine-based disinfectant when testing my sugar?

Iodine causes deviation in test results.

+ How long can a strip be left outside the foil?

The strip should be used within three minutes of removing it from the foil. Strips left outside beyond 3 minutes may show inaccurate of false results.

+ How durable is the battery?

TThe battery is good for 3 years, approximately 4000 readings

+ What audio jack is compatble with Glu-Sage?

Glu-Sage can be inserted into a 3.5 mm headphone jack. It can also be used with USB-C using an adapter, which may be purchased separately.

+ Can any other strip be used with Glu-Sage?

No, only Glu-Sage strips may be used with the device. Using other strips causes incorrect readings, and in most cases, would not even be compatible with your device.