A glucose meter for mobile phones

Glu-Sage – currently available for Android smartphones and soon coming for iPhones – is a glucose meter that plugs into the phone’s headphone jack. Simply download the Medworks application, and transform your phone into a glucose meter.

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  • Smartphone compatible glucose meter
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  • Long battery life
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  • Your glucose data in context

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Glusage Meter

10 Strips

10 Lancets

Lancing Device

Travel pouch

User manual

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Wide Test Range

20-600 mg/dL

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Free from oxygen interference

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Small Sample Size

Only 0.6 μL blood required

How it Works

how it works

Insert meter into jack

how it works

Insert strip

how it works

Apply blood sample

how it works

View Result

Your ideal companion in diabetes

  • - CE Marked
  • - Individually foil-packed
  • - No coding required

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Box includes: 50 Strips

Medworks Mobile Application

The Medworks Android phone application is for use with the Glu-Sage meter. The phone application allows you to transform your phone into a glucose meter. Take readings effortlessly on your phone, and store them permanently on your personal Medworks account. You can view your history to get a better sense of your glucose patterns. The snapshot feature in the application presents you with a quick and easy-to-understand summary of how you are doing at managing your diabetes. You can also record your exercise, and information about your insulin and medicine.

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Medworks Cloud View

Patients can also log-in here to view your glucose data online. Clear and easy-to-read reports give you your health data at your fingertips, allowing you and your healthcare provider to make well-informed decisions regarding your health. The healthcare provider account feature allows healthcare providers to register themselves with Medworks. They can then send data share requests to their patients, and start viewing their patients’ data virtually real-time from the comfort of their desk.

More Information

Shelf Life
2 years
Storage Tempertature
1C - 30C
Test environment temperature
10C - 35C
Reference Name
Test environment humidity
< 80%
Sample requirement
0.6 micro-liter
Test time
10 seconds
Sample Type
Capillary or venous whole blood sample
Calibration Sample
Venous plasma
Test range
20 mg/dL - 600 mg/dL
3V DC, built-in lithium ion
Battery life
3 years, or ~ 4000 times

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