Insulauto Insulin Pump

What is insulin pump therapy?

To those motivated to use insulin pump therapy to keep their glucose in check, it is a tremendous tool. It is an effective tool for adults and children – both – with type 1 diabetes, as well as those type 2 patients who require insulin.

The insulin pump relies on rapid-acting insulin. Pump users take rapid-acting insulin injected in minute quantities throughout the day. This neutralizes the risk of hypoglycemia and low blood sugar that can be caused by the peaking of large insulin doses, which is a significant advantage compared to multiple daily injections.

Insulin pumps, therefore, offer greater lifestyle choice flexibility. People with diabetes become more flexible with regard to meals, sleep and physical activity. The slow and steady basal infusion of rapid-acting insulin delivered through a pump means that there is no peak. So people with diabetes can match their insulin to their daily activities, rather than the other way around.

Insulin pumps in Pakistan

Medworks is offering the Insulauto insulin pump in Pakistan. Insulauto is an insulin pump with a much more affordable price tag compared to existing options in the market. The use of CPUs and microprocessors developed by Texas Instruments (USA) and a motor developed by Maxon (Switzerland), there is no compromise on the quality of the insulin pump.

Insulauto can help you maintain a stable blood glucose target throughout the day. Based on your settings, the pump delivers your custom basal automatically and continuously 24-hours a day. It also provides bolus to cover carbohydrates in meals. The Bolus Calculator feature can calculate your bolus amount for you based on your personal settings.

Get Started

You can contact Medworks to learn more about your suitability for insulin pump therapy. Insulin pump therapy requires the close supervision of a healthcare professional in the initial days, and can only be initiated once your suitability is assessed.

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