Cost-Effective Insulin Pump

Turn to insulin pump therapy to keep your diabetes in check. Insulauto is a small, wearable device that is programmed for seamless delivery of insulin to a patient. Insulauto may be programmed to deliver basal (or background) insulin, as well as bolus insulin to cover the consumption of meals and snacks.

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Lifestyle Freedom

Get more lifestyle flexibility with regards to sleep, meals, and exercise

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Avoid Syringe Sores

Replace your infusion kit only once every three days

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Simply push a few buttons to give yourself a bolus. No more awkward moments when trying to give yourself a bolus


rapid infuse 1

Rapid Infuse I is a cost-effective insulin infusion solution. It comes with a steel needle that is inserted manually into the infusion site, with an advanced connector lock, which ensures a secure connection.

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rapid infuse 2

Rapid Infuse II is an advanced infusion solution for the Insulauto insulin pump. It comes with a soft Teflon needle, providing greater patient comfort. Inserting the Rapid Infuse II infusion set is a convenient process.

rapid reservoir

Rapid Reservoir - a cost-effective insulin reservoir that can hold 3ml of insulin. It can be filled directly from the insulin vial. The reservoir is inserted into the insulin pump, from where insulin is infused into your body.

More Information

Service Life
4 years
Shelf life of disposables
3 years
Storage Tempertature
Between 5℃ and 40℃
Use temperature
Between 5℃ and 40℃
Reference Name
TruCare, EasySet, FastSet
Storage humidity
5% to 85%
Usage humidity
20% to 90%
Average insulin delivery deviation
≤ than +/- 5%
88mm x 58mm x 20mm
Approximately 105 g (with battery installed)
Insulin Reservoir
3ml (300 units), plastic
Basel Profile
24 settings
Basel Rate
0.0 to 35.0 units/hour
Basal Increments
0.1 Unit
Bolus Increments
0.1 Unit
Bolus Types
Normal, Square, Dual
Bolus Calculator
Motor and Circultry
Swiss micro-DC motor. Dual microprocessors perform continuous crosschecks for safety and reliability
Power Supply
AAA 1.5V
Battery Life
2-3 weeks
20*44mm large back-lit LCD with energy saving sleep mode
Water Resistance
Beep or Vibrate
Safety Settings
Max Bolus, Max Basal, and Lock Function
Stores last 32 boluses, last 40 daily totals, last 64 primes, last 32 alarms-all time and date stamped

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