Insulin Pumps in Pakistan – Is Price the Challenge?

insulauto insulin pump pakistan

Insulin Pumps in Pakistan – Is Price the Challenge?

Insulin Pump Therapy (IPT) is not a new term when it comes to diabetes. Although insulin pumps have been available for several years now in Pakistan, IPT has not quite taken off for a variety of factors. A key factor highlighted by numerous users and healthcare providers is the high price of insulin pumps in Pakistan.

Benefits of insulin pumps

A major advantage of insulin pumps is greater lifestyle flexibility for people with diabetes. They become more flexible with regards to meals, sleep and physical activity. The slow and steady basal infusion of rapid-acting insulin delivered through a pump means that there is no peak, thereby offering significant life-style flexibility. Insulin pumps allow people with diabetes your insulin to your daily activities, rather than the other way around. People with diabetes are also able to avoid syringe sores because with an insulin pump, they only need to change 1 infusion kit in three days.

Insulin pumps have been proven to provide less glucose variability and add a great deal of convenience to patient lives. Yet, the extreme price point in Pakistan has made it unaffordable for the vast majority of patients.

Insulauto insulin pump

Medworks has partnered with a European-approved pump manufacturer to introduce insulin pump therapy in Pakistan. Medworks is offering the Insulauto insulin pump at a fraction of the price of other comparable pumps on the market in Pakistan. Not only that, we have strived to make the cost of monthly consumables also more affordable. With support from the clinical team at Baqai Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology (BIDE), patients can now be on-boarded for Insulin Pump Therapy, provided they meet the criterion. For patients on the fence regarding IPT, we are also offering a try-before-you-buy option that allows people with diabetes to get a flavor of the difference insulin pumps can bring to their life.

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  1. Is this device safe for kids around the age of 4,i would like to know more aboug this product kindly provide information about the price and other related aspects.

  2. Hi I m type 2 diabetic current A1C is 12.8 really worried abt sugar Levels I m on insulin plz suggest me abt insulin pump usage benefits and price plz

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