Medworks is quickly expanding. Our management team members are all post-graduate degree holders in fields ranging from Computer Science to Public Policy.

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Meet our team

Shiza Ali

Business Manager

Shiza has done her bachelors from University of California, Berkeley and has prior experience working in Public Health research. She aspires to create a user-friendly experience for managing diabetes, while reducing the economic and emotional burden associated with non-communicable diseases.

Usman Aziz

Software Engineer

I am a Computer Science graduate from FAST-NUCES and have 3 years of experience in Software and Web Development. I had interest in my field from a very early age and developed several websites during my time IN school. I love building E-Commerce and Web applications and my aim is to learn something new each day.

Faisal Masood

Business Development

Faisal got interested in leveraging technology for healthcare delivery during his stint at Indus Hospital. He further explored the intersection of healthcare and public policy during his time at the London School of Economics as a post-graduate student. He now heads business development activities at Medworks, and oversees a little bit of everything else too.

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