Medworks is quickly expanding. Our management team members are all post-graduate degree holders in fields ranging from Computer Science to Public Policy.

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Meet our team

Anushey Aijaz

Communication Design Executive

Anushey is a communication and design executive at Medworks. She graduated with honors from Habib University with a degree in Communication and Design. Her passion is to help individuals and companies increase target-market visibility by creating eye-catching content.

Lucky Saleem

Software Engineer

Lucky is a software engineer with Medworks. He holds BSCS from NUCES-FAST. He launched his career with working on digital healthcare, and has continued along this path by joining Medworks.

Faisal Masood

Business Development

Faisal got interested in leveraging technology for healthcare delivery during his stint at Indus Hospital. He further explored the intersection of healthcare and public policy during his time at the London School of Economics as a post-graduate student. He now heads business development activities at Medworks, and oversees a little bit of everything else too.

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