Medworks Cloud-Connected Diabetes Management Solution – A Safe Approach in the Age of COVID-19

Why are we offering the service?

Social distancing is the need of the hour to fight the spread of COVID-19. However, this cannot hinder access to quality healthcare. Coming up with an innovative solution, Medworks is offering its users the capability to stay connected with their healthcare providers remotely through its mobile application. In doing so, we want to reduce the risk of exposure by safeguarding the health of healthcare providers and patients.

Individuals with diabetes are more likely to develop severe complications in the event of getting an infectious disease such as COVID-19. The possibility of facing worse outcomes from COVID-19 can be reduced among individuals with better glycemic control according to the American Diabetes Association. Hence, upon identifying warning signs, it is necessary to receive individualized care from a healthcare provider to prevent sugar levels from fluctuating.

What is Medworks Cloud-Connected Diabetes Management Solution?

Guaranteeing privacy protection of patient health data, hospitals can seek permission from a person with diabetes using the Medworks mobile application to access their data. Once an individual approves this request, healthcare providers can monitor individual health data on the Medworks web application. While, healthcare providers can benefit by offering guidance to patients in real time to avert serious complications through the built in chat module, individuals with diabetes can seek the support of their healthcare provider at their fingertips.

Why is it important during this pandemic?

Our goal for offering remote connectivity to people with diabetes and their healthcare providers is to reduce exposure to COVID-19. We aim to give access to continuous care to people with diabetes by providing an alternative to physical healthcare provider visits for diabetes management.

Benefits for individuals with diabetes:

  • Share data with their healthcare provider
  • Devise a robust health plan with your healthcare provider consisting of glucose targets, weight, blood pressure, HbA1c, carbs and physical activity
  • Real time monitoring from the healthcare provider
  • Maintain social distancing by communicating with your healthcare providers from the comfort of your home

Benefits for hospitals and diabetes clinics:

  • Receive data from their patients in real time
  • View patient data in customizable dashboard
  • Identify patients with poor glycemic control
  • Connect with patients instantaneously through the chat module to monitor their health
  • Stay up to date on patient progress

How can a clinic or patient subscribe for the service?

Hospitals and clinics can send us an email to [email protected] for making their services digital for their patients. To help combat the COVID-19 situation, Medworks is offering this service for the first three months entirely free to institutions.

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