Glu-Sage: A Smartphone-Based Glucose Meter


Glu-Sage: A Smartphone-Based Glucose Meter

Medworks has developed a cloud-based technology solution for people with diabetes in Pakistan. Our smartphone application allows you to record, view, and share diabetes-related data. An important pillar of this solution is the smartphone-based glucose meter, Glu-Sage.  Glu-Sage is a blood sugar testing solution for mobile phones. It plugs into an Android phone’s audio jack. You then insert a strip into Glu-Sage, and apply blood onto the strip in the usual way.

Viewing and saving data on the medworks application

You are then able to view the result of the sugar test on your phone screen, where you can also save it. Your results are also saved permanently onto our secure cloud server. Therefore, your data stays safe in case you switch phones. Glu-Sage is very compact, and can easily fit into your pocket or purse.

Data snapshots and reminders

The Medworks application allows you to view your history to get a better sense of your glucose patterns. The snapshot feature in the application presents you with a quick and easy-to-understand summary of how you are doing at managing your diabetes. You can also record your exercise, and information about your insulin and medicine. Not only that, the quick and easy reminder feature means your phone reminds you when a test, medicine, or insulin dose is due.

Data sharing with healthcare providers and loved ones

The Medworks application has a data sharing feature. This feature allows you to share your data’s link with your healthcare provider and loved ones. To protect your privacy, this link expires in 24 hours, meaning that your data remains yours! Furthermore, if a healthcare provider has availed the Medworks healthcare provider cloud facility, they can send you a data sharing request. Upon your approval, you and your healthcare provider are remotely connected. This means they can view your data remotely, and intervene where they feel necessary to make sure you stay fit and on top of your health.

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