Strips Pack (50 PCs – Glu-Sage Compatible) + Lancets (50 PCs)

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Glu-Sage Smartphone Glucometer strips are CE-marked and ISO 15197 compliant. They are individually packed, which offers protection from sunlight, air and humidity. Glu-Sage strips are used with the Glu-Sage glucose meter. These premium quality strips require only a tiny finger prick, are code-free. They come with a unique sucking feature, which means that when a blood drop is brought into contact with the strip, the strip instantly sucks the required quantity of blood. Glu-Sage smartphone glucose meter is a compact device that plugs into the smartphone’s audiojack. Automated reports and quick data sharing are unique features not available in standard glucose meters.

What’s included:

  • Box of 50 Blood Strips
  • Box of 50 Lancets
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What enzyme is used in the strips?

Glu-Sage strips use the GDH-FAD enzyme. This ensures that there is no oxygen interference with your blood sample and results in a reliable reading

Are the strips individually foil-packed?

Yes, the strips are individually packed, ensuring a longer shelf life and less interference with environmental variables.

Can I use any other strip in place of the Glu-Sage strip with the Glu-Sage glucometer?

No, other strips will not work and the company will not be responsible for any damage to the product or inaccurate result from the usage of other strips

What is the test range for Glu-Sage strips?

Glu-Sage strips will give a result between 20 mg/dL to 600 mg/dL

What are the storage conditions for the strips?

The strips need to be stored in temperatures between 1-30 degrees celcius. Avoid direct sunlight, and do not bend or keep the strips under pressure.

How do I apply blood onto the strip?

After the blood drop appears on your finger in the necessary quantity, apply it at an angle against the channel on the strip. The channel will suck the necessary amount once it comes into contact with the strip. Don’t place your finger flatly against the strip. See this video to understand how to use Glu-Sage:

What is the size of these lancets?

The lancets are size 28G

What is the quality of these lancets?

The lancets are CE-marked (Europe approved) and have gone through stringent quality assurance to ensure that a safe and hygienic product is delivered.

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